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Swine Flu Unrelated to Actual Pigs; Meat Will Still Kill You | Village Voice


Swine Flu Unrelated to Actual Pigs; Meat Will Still Kill You


The United Nations’ food agency sent animal health experts to Mexico to determine if swine flu is really linked to pigs. So far, there is no evidence that humans contracted this strain of flu from our porcine friends.

Food Network has launched Food2, a new website aimed at a young, hipper demographic. The new site features videos and recipes aimed more at singles cooking for themselves than moms cooking for their families.
[Entertainment Weekly]

Restaurants have started charging extra for things like water, ice, bread and butter. Some restaurant managers say the charges are clearly outlined on the menu, but industry insiders say additional charges could backfire.
[NY Post]

Margaret Ryan, who owns Jake’s Steakhouse in the Bronx, considered to be one of the most upscale restaurants in the borough, has pleaded guilty to owing $525,000 in back taxes, fines and penalties, and agreed to pay it back.
[NY Post]

The Times revisits the study that revealed how bad red meat is for our health. In case you forgot, men and women who eat more red and processed meat are more likely to die sooner, especially from heart disease and cancer.
[NY Times]


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