What to ‘B’ to Alfanoose


Every week or so in ‘What to B When You BYOB’ we ask a local wine shop to recommend a few good wines under $20 to pair with the food at a nearby BYOB restaurant.

This week, we talk to Jamie Wolff of Chambers Street Wines about what to bring to nearby Middle Eastern eatery Alfanoose. We start by breaking our $20 rule for a beautifully aged Rioja rose, which many say is one of the last made in the region’s traditional style. We make up for the splurge with three other under-$15 options.

Lopez de Heredia 1998 Rioja Tondonia Rose ($27.99)
“This is a serious rose,” says Wolff. “It has a lot of aromatic flavor intensity like a red wine, and would go great with Middle Eastern cuisine.” The winery only releases its roses at 9-10 years of age, which is why the current release is from 1998.

Hofer 2008 Weinviertel Auersthal Gruner Veltliner #1 ($10.99)

“It comes in a liter-sized bottle with a crown cap, which is like a beer-bottle cap. It’s biodynamically farmed and works beautifully with all kids of spicy, aromatic foods. Also, it works with creamy textures, so stuff like hummus and baba ganoush. Plus, it has great acidity and not so much fruit, like other whites.”

Nittnaus 2007 Burgenland Blauer Zweigelt ($13.99)

“This one is also biodynamically farmed. In the same way as a Cote du Rhone, it works well with Mediterranean food. It’s ripe, full-bodied, juicy, with zingy fruit. The local food where this wine comes from is rich and full of herbs so it would also work with, for example, kabobs.”

Sandro Fay 2007 Rosso di Valtellina ($13.49)
“This is 100 percent Nebbiolo, but a relatively light and fresh version that is moderately tannic. You can chill it a bit so it’s great in warm weather. Its bright currant fruit is good with rich flavors, so again, would pair well with this type of cuisine.”