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Bottom Line Owner Says He Has New Spot, But No Money


New Yorkers of a certain vintage will remember the Bottom Line at the corner of Mercer and West 4th Street, where Bruce Springsteen was unveiled, big acts played small shows for the Real People, and we stood in line for six hours to see Elvis Costello. The club lasted from 1974 till 2004, when greedbag landlord NYU squeezed them out. We figured owner Allan Pepper retired, either to Florida or into the mists of time. But in 2007 the New York Times found Pepper in Tenafly, New Jersey, looking at sites for a new Bottom Line in Brooklyn and claiming to have investors.

Today Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn reports it caught up with Pepper, and he has finally decided on a spot — top secret, “an ideal location, 23,000 square feet, three blocks from public transportation,” and not in Brooklyn — but his financing has, um, fallen through. (You can read Pepper’s own rambling version of the story here.) The reporter generously includes Pepper’s AOL email address in case you want to get in on this goldmine. We really do wish him well, but we hope he remembers what happened when Max’s Kansas City reopened in midtown. Photo via OTBKB.



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