On Dinosaur Jr.’s “I Want You to Know”


The post-reunion Dinosaur Jr. has been so consistent at such a high level that, mostly, what separates one song from another is nothing more complicated than an extra solo or backing vocal. J. Mascis has an incredible feel for the tiny detail that elevates any one of his songs from good to great. Here, on “I Want You to Know”–the second song to leak off the forthcoming Farm, after the very similarly-named “I Don’t Wanna Go There“–it’s just a vocal overdub on the chorus, a little extra echo at the beginning of both choruses: Hey, did I let it go? Stay with me, tell me if it shows… It’s an old trick, and an even older one for this band, but what’s eerie is how Mascis only seems to get better at picking out the best moments in his own writing. Pitchfork has the song now; you can download it tomorrow at the band’s own site. (Update: It’s up. Get it here.)