Swine Being Tested for Swine Flu; Former FDA Head Pens Expose on Overeating


A study from the University of California, Irvine has revealed that the oleic acids found in fatty foods are converted into a memory-enhancing agent when digested. Drugs that are said to mimic this action are being tested.

An Israeli health official has called for swine flu to be renamed “Mexican flu” so as not to offend Muslims and Jews who do not eat pork. The new moniker is unlikely, however, as “Mexican flu” could end up offending Mexicans.
[NY Post]

Despite reports that there is no evidence linking the swine flu directly to pigs just yet, Smithfield Foods’ hogs are being tested for traces of the virus. The company’s CEO Larry Pope said, “This is not a swine issue. This is a human-to-human issue.”
[Wall Street Journal]

The news on BYOB has been bad in recent weeks, what with the crackdown on restaurants without liquor licenses, but apparently more establishments are letting their patrons BYO, and those that have always allowed it are reducing their corkage fees.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Former FDA head David Kessler has released a new book called The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite. In his research, he interviewed overweight people and anonymous food executives to find the root of why Americans overeat.
[Wall Street Journal]


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