Do you ever read Onion headlines like, “Warcraft Sequel Lets Gamers Play a Character Playing Warcraft” or “New York Times ‘Faces of the Dead’ Editor Just Needs a Couple More to Fill Out Corner” and think, I could do that? Tonight at The Rejection Show: An Evening With the Onion, a panel of writers and editors from the satirical newspaper and website assure you that coming up with such comedic zingers is not as easy as it looks. They’ll share rejected headlines, rejected material from the Onion News Network, and rejected pitches, thoughts, and ideas, as well as the best hate mail they’ve received. Then, host Jon Friedman will pitch his ideas for you and the staff to shoot down or applaud. Everyone is free to reject the “terrible, terrible audience prizes.”

Wed., May 13, 9:30 p.m., 2009

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