Under Review: Sietsema Loves Afghani Boiled Meats; DiGregorio Tries to Do Inakaya on the Cheap(ish)


This week in the Voice, Our Man Sietsema is at Afghani kabab specialist Balkh Shish Kabab House where he discovers that the grilled kabobs, like keema kabab, are good, but the selection of boiled meats is the restaurant’s secret specialty. DiGregorio heads to midtown’s Inakaya, a spot already known for its shouting waiters and $65 fish. She doesn’t mind the shouting, and tries the lowest priced items on the menu, to see if Inakaya can fill you up with robata-grilled Japanese fare if you’re on a budget.

In the NYT, Bruni is on the recession beat, rounding up four places that he considers happy side effects of the downturn: Anthos Upstairs, Half Steak, Damon Frugal Friday (now evolved into a full fledged restaurant), and the a la carte menu in the lounge at Per Se.

Adam Platt checks out Minetta Tavern for New York Magazine; he gives it a thumbs up–especially the roasted marrow bones, pig trotter and NY strip steak.

In the Post, Steve Cuozzo brings the counterintuitive news that ultra-pricey kobe beef is selling better than ever.

Restaurant Girl contemplates the burgers at Minetta Tavern for the Daily News.

Apparently, the only people dining at Minetta Tavern these past few weeks have been celebrities and critics. For Bloomberg, Ryan Sutton also files on the Minetta, where he spots Caroline Kennedy, and likes the $16 Minetta burger better than the $26 black label burger.

At Serious Eats, Ed Levine gives the Cambodian sandwiches at Num Pang an A-.


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