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Alleged Drug Dealer On The Loose in the Bronx Since Yesterday


Hey, if you’re in the Bronx? You might want to watch out for this guy. Cops picked Kevin Lopez up for selling a controlled substance and resisting arrest (!), and yesterday took him to the emergency room of Lincoln Hospital at East 149th St. and Morris Avenue yesterday morning for treatment, They took off his cuffs and somehow he escaped. They had the hospital in lockdown for hours, but apparently he’s not there. Now they want you to watch out, and call if you see him. He’s 26, 5′ 11″, 280 lbs., and was wearing a white t-shirt and black cargo shorts when he bailed, but has had plenty of time to change his clothes since.

Update 6:00 p.m.: The Times explains how Lopez got away: his cuffs were removed for an X-ray of his allegedly injured arm. The attending officer waited behind a lead partition for the X-ray to be taken and, when he came back around, Lopez was gone. He is still at large.


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