Depression Cooking with Clara Lands Cookbook Deal


Web content translated into big, fat book deals are becoming amazingly common–almost to the point that every new clever blog seems like book deal bait. And I don’t blame anyone for hunting for a lucrative book deal. (I’ll take one!) But they often lead to books that have less life than the blog that started them (see: LOLcats) or are bought at what seems an insane price. (See: the upcoming This is Why You’re Fat…fine, but six figures to compile photos? Really?) So the fact that Clara Cannucciari, the feisty, fun-to-watch 93-year-old star of Depression Cooking with Clara, has gotten a cookbook deal is excellent news. I’d absolutely buy it. It will be called Clara’s Kitchen: Wisdom, Memories and Recipes from the Great Depression, slated for release this October.

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[via Eat me Daily]

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