Incredibly Cheap Eats–Wok Ho Fun


 The “house special wok ho fun” at C & L Dumpling House

The Chinese term ho fun designates wide rice noodles, and at newcomer C & L Dumpling House these noodles are homemade and pleasingly ragged. In fact, they partly melt into the broth, making it creamy without recourse to dairy products. The soup is fortified with tiny brine shrimp (see them curled up in the picture), and dotted with mushrooms and slender stalks of Chinese celery, which has a stronger flavor than the celery you’re probably used to. The menu at this wonderful noodle and dumpling shop has many other curiosities as well. 77 Chrystie Street, 212-219-8850. The price: $1 for a small bowl, $2 for a giant bowl

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