Let Anita Lo Take You Away–The Annisa Chef Teams Up With Tour de Forks to Bring You South Africa


Anita Lo will have hands full competing on Top Chef Masters this year, but the Annisa chef has other plans for next year — plans that involve traipsing through Africa with a bunch of food-loving strangers.

If you’ve ever wanted to travel with the Asian-fusion whiz, now’s your chance. Tour de Forks, a New York-based company that offers culinary tours to a variety of exotic destinations, has asked Lo to lead a group of its epicurean-minded travelers around South Africa next year.

Tour de Forks offers tours to foodie destinations like Italy, France, Montreal and New Orleans, each of which is led by a personality from the food world. Lo will introduce her select group to South African wine, big game meats and spicy Malaysian curries, all of which South Africa is known for. And, if you’ve ever wanted to tour Montreal with a native, a certain Fork in the Road contributor you might know happens to be on board to lead that tour.


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