NYPD Debuts “Green” Hybrid Police Cars


The testing phrase is over, and the NYPD has deployed 40 Nissan Altima Hybrid vehicles as police cars. Mayor Bloomberg is pleased: “These new patrol cars will help fulfill the PlaNYC goal of reducing City government’s carbon footprint,” he says. Commissioner Ray Kelly cautiously says the Department “embraces innovation when it doesn’t compromise performance or safety to our personnel and the public.” The new gas-and-electric cars get 35 mpg; the Impalas used by most cops get 16. They’re going to try them out in crime-fighting and see how they work, but look forward to having 170 hybrids on the street by year’s end.

During the test phase, cop forum posters weren’t so keen on the new car. “Its not Special Service Vehicle, Special Service Package, or Police Pursuit Vehicle rated,” said one. “Its just a regular family sedan with lights, sirens, and decals on it.” The switch hasn’t earned much attention at Thee Rant yet — the regulars are more interested in discredited alleged pics of Obama’s mother nude, though one recently wrote, “Any COP that steps foot into that matchbox car without hazard pay is an idiot.”