Swine Flu Offends Pork Lobbyists; Introducing New Cuts of Meat


Jews and Muslims aren’t the only ones offended by the term “swine flu.” Agricultural groups are urging the government to refer to the virus by its scientific name H1N1, so as not to damage pork product sales.
[Wall Street Journal]

Colleges and universities are getting rid of trays in the cafeteria in order to conserve water, cut food waste and saving money. Trayless cafeterias might even help students avoid gaining the “freshman 15.”
[NY Times]

The Beef Check-off program is promoting new cuts of beef, including five new chuck cuts. Four new round cuts will be introduced next year. The names of the new meat parts will be especially important in marketing them.
[NY Times]

The Daily News has a roundup of the best super-cold foods and drinks to enjoy now that the weather is warming up. The General Greene’s Deep-Freeze Ice Cream and Sam Mason’s nitrogen-zapped blue cheese hot wings at Tailor make the cut.
[NY Daily News]

David Bouley reportedly owes the Mohawk Atelier condominium on Duane Street $18,900 in unpaid fees on his apartment, plus another $30,000 to the same TriBeCa condo association in past charges.
[NY Post]


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