True Crime Report: “Zodiac Killer Daughter” is Bunk


The papers today are full of the story of Deborah Perez, who claims her dad was the Zodiac Killer — who terrorized San Francisco in the 1960s and has never been caught — and has presented documents, handwriting analysis, and a pair of what she says was one victim’s eyeglasses as evidence. San Francisco cops are looking into it, and the press ranges from agnostic to mildly skeptical.

Our man at True Crime Report flat-out calls Perez’s story “ridiculous.” He says Perez contacted him earlier with her spiel, and shows “why none of her claims held water then and why they don’t now.” He says that the glasses don’t match what the victim was known to be wearing, that a section of a card sent by the killer Perez claims to have penned is obviously pre-printed, and that her May 2008 statement requires “hipwaders.”

Give a look and see what you think.