Bloomberg 2010 Budget Expected to Cut Workers, Raise Sales Tax


Today Bloomberg is expected to speak on the city budget, and it promises to be on the grim side: NY1 says he will announce a 16 percent operating budget cut for next year, which will can 13,500 civil servants for a savings of $3.4 billion. But those who remain will still get the same lush health care benefits as always, because Bloomberg is said to have abandoned trying to get them to give those up. And though he recently denounced the idea of raising taxes on the rich, the Mayor is reportedly going to propose a more egalitarian, quarter-of-a-percent sales-tax hike, which will screw poor and as well as rich citizens. This hasn’t been leaked, but he is also expected to tell us what a great city this is, that times are tough, and that crime is down. Don’t forget to vote Bloomberg!