New York

Cops Hand Out Cards with Stop-and-Frisks


New York cops are accustomed to the stop-and-frisk, a casual maneuver in which they detain a citizen on the street, pat him down, and tell him to getouttahere or arrest him. Now, in a pilot program affecting Harlem, the South Bronx and East New York, they also issue their victims a palm card (in seven languages!) explaining to victims why they have been thus manhandled. They started doing this on April 23, but no reporters were hanging around Harlem, the South Bronx and East New York enough to notice it. NYPD has been dealing with an ACLU lawsuit over stop-and-frisk, charging that such detentions are racially motivated (the Daily News found that only six percent of s&f targets were arrested in an 18 month period) and intended to compile a database of minority mostly-non-offenders, so the Force is conducting this trial in heavily black neighborhoods to show… well, we’re not sure what, exactly — that’s they’re racist but eloquent? The cards were suggested by NYPD s&f consultants the RAND Corporation, whose records were subpoenaed by the Center for Constitutional Rights last year in another stop-and-frisk legal challenge.

You can probably imagine what the boys in blue at Thee Rant think about this. “Kelly better hope that some of the troops don’t start giving out these cards,” says one, and produces an Ace of Spades. Image via NYDN.

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