Ex-Met Lenny Dykstra Suffers Debts, Divorce


Poor Lenny “Nails” Dykstra. The former Mets star-turned-stock-picker has not, so to speak, been getting pitches to hit. Back in November he had to settle up $138,872 in tax-preparer fees. Now has pulled his financial column. His wheeling and dealing in the car-wash business has landed him in no less than 18 lawsuits. He stills owes money to Oppenheimer on the November suit. (He also owes his brother Brian $12,000, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to other people.) And now, on top of everything, his wife is divorcing him. But don’t you worry, he’s tough, that’s why they call him Nails. And he can always count on the people he helped on the way up to help him on the way down.