Paterson Settles Reverse-Discrimination Suit for $300K


The New York Post excitedly reports that Governor Paterson has paid $300,000 of taxpayer money to settle a civil rights lawsuit with Joseph Maioriello, an official photographer who said that in 2003 then-Senate majority leader Paterson fired him because he was white. Maioriello found the fact that he was replaced by a black woman dispositive. Maioriello had been seeking $1.5 million in his suit against the Senate, in which Paterson was named. Paterson argued, as have countless Republicans over the decades, that he saw only the man, not his color, and pleaded his blindness as a further impediment to racism. The case enraged many whitebloggers at that time (“names aside, your sense of hearing would likely be enough to tip you off. for reasons i don’t understand, east coast blacks almost universally adopt a version of southern accent in their everyday speech,” etc), and we may expect they’ll be doing a little square-dance of joy at this news. The Post, always happy to wield the populist pitchfork, says Paterson “just cost state taxpayers $300,000 more.”