Post to Biden: “Flu You.”


The Post really gets a kick out of portraying people they don’t like as animals. Taking a page from their famous “Axis of Weasels” cover showing French and German U.N. ambassadors as the aforementioned slippery mammals, they today portray Joe Biden as a pig, owing to his remarks on the risk of swine flu contagion in subways and planes, saying he “jammed his foot — make that a pig’s foot — into his big mouth again,” and penning an intemperate open letter to the Vice President (“after riding the Lexington Avenue line during rush hour, our hands are still cleaner than yours are after spending just a single minute in the seedy backrooms of Washington”) that ends, “Flu you, Joe. And the pig you rode in on.” We thought these sort of outbursts were a blog thing. Does this mean we’ve won the war on Big Media, or just that we’ve caught up?