Self-Loathing Update #3: Let Us Now Praise Jadakiss’ Business Acumen


Monday, he wanted to wake up beside you naked (I said Porn Week was almost over). The very next day, Jadakiss is praised for his brand management on No, seriously. “What Brands Can Learn From Jadakiss.” That’s the title. And it’s not completely insane!

Well, a little daffy, maybe. Initial thesis:

Throughout his nearly 15-year career, Jadakiss has protected his reputation and authenticity with the heart of a lion, in part by passing up short-term successes and not succumbing to the pressure to make quick-hit radio records.

Yes, that’s our boy, valiantly avoiding radio hits. But from there we get a good-faith attempt to explain The Last Kiss‘ remarkable not-bricking. “First, he integrated himself into the places where his core lifestyle fans lived and became very accessible to them,” this analysis begins. Summary: He went to lots of nightclubs (sometimes just to hang out!), indulged blogs, sucked up to radio people, sucked up to vodka people, pimped for Reebok and the Fader Fort, and offered up “funny, behind-the-scenes videos that spoke to his lifestyle and authenticity, which his core fanbase found entertaining.” Sounds like someone else we know.