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Supreme Court Justice Souter Expected to Retire


It hasn’t been confirmed, but Supreme Court Justice David Souter is expected to resign today. The 79-year-old Justice was born in Massachusetts, and moved with his family when he was 11 to Weare, New Hampshire, where he still maintains a residence. He went from the state attorney general’s office to the state Supreme Court, worked a while for Republican Senator Warren Rudman, and was nominated and appointed to SCOTUS by the first President Bush in 1990.

Lawyers, Guns and Money says, “This isn’t terribly surprising, at is well-known that Souter disliked life in D.C. and wasn’t likely to stay on the Court as long as possible in the manner of the typical modern justice.” The Legal Times blog reported earlier this month that Souter had said, at an American Academy of Arts & Sciences event, that when the Court’s term begins each year “he undergoes a ‘sort of annual intellectual lobotomy.'”

Though of a Republican background, Souter has come to be despised by conservatives; the Conservapedia says, “almost immediately [after his appointment] it was apparent to some conservatives that Souter was not pro-life, as he had served as a director on a hospital that performed abortions. Liberals seemed to know that they had won.”

Early rightblogger response seems to conform to this opinion: “We’ll just be trading one liberal for a little younger liberal,” says Holy Coast. But this does not temper the anger of some. “He will undoubtedly be replaced by someone the GOP likes even less,” says Emancipate Yourself from Mental Slavery. “Now I am really sick,” says Blogs for Victory. “Obama is going get to pick a replacement. Obama… how can someone so inexperienced, unqualified, and incompetent ever be put in that position?” “Skreeeee,” says Michelle Malkin. “Skreeeeeeeee.”

Fox News suggests that U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, and University of Chicago Law School professor and Obama appointee Cass Sunstein are on the short list to replace Souter. Daily Kos proposes Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, Illinois District Court Judge Ruben Castillo, and U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan, among others.

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