The Blogroll Gazette–A Look at Tangomonium, the Flavor & Food Party, the Show


This week in blogs…

The Feed tuned into Hulu for The Chopping Block‘s final episode in which Kelsey and Vanessa take all, comparing the ill-fated show to the Special Olympics.
[The Feed]

Eat Me Daily got us all excited about the premiere of Food Party on the Independent Film Channel, characterizing it as a “surreal, hipster low-budget Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.”
[Eat Me Daily]

Grub Street got an early taste of Red Mango’s new Tangomonium flavor, giving us a verdict of: “A bit of Creamsicle-esque refreshment… and a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of chugging a zero-calorie vitamin-water drink.”
[Grub Street]

Josh Ozersky was asked to judge Artisanal’s Grilled Cheese Contest, and gave us a glimpse at the final cook-off.
[The Feedbag]

The Food Section picked up on the recently drafted “Food Blog Code of Ethics,” which outlines basic standards of fairness, accountability and transparency.
[Food Ethics via The Food Section]

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