You Might Have No Control Over What You Eat; Paris’ Le Fooding Coming to America


A new study has revealed differences in the brains of people who are good at controlling their urges–like, say, overeating–versus those who aren’t. Apparently, we all use the same part of the brain to make decisions, but a second part of the brain in people with good self-control can help them curb those urges.

Paris’ egalitarian eating organization Le Fooding, which promotes messy eating and casual cooking, will hold it its first event in the US this September–a charity benefit at P.S. 1 in LIC, where noted chefs from New York and Paris will be invited to cook.
[NY Times]

Genetically-modified corn, cotton and soybeans crops engineered to resist pests are widespread, but are they sustainable? At a conference at Princeton on “Making More Food and Fewer Greenhouse Gases,” advances in biotechnology to make crops more sustainable were discussed. One example is Nerica rice, which combined the high yields of Asian rice with the durability of African rice.
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American Idol contestants indulged in food fight while make birthday cakes, and racked up a $6,000 bill for their maid service in the process.

The UN says there is no need to cull pigs or limit their movement because there is no evidence that swine flu affects pigs or makes their meat dangerous. Oh, and by the way, now it’s called influenza A/H1N1.