Weekend Extravaganza: How Do You Spell G-U-T-B-O-M-B?


This amazing gutbomb, courtesy of Korean chain New York Hot Dog and Coffee, piles tons of grilled beef bulgogi and hot-tart cabbage kimchee, along with some extraneous greenery, onto a poor defenseless hot dog. Take a gulp of Pepto after you eat this one. 245 Bleecker Street, 917-388-2608

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No one sits down to eat a pound of greasy white cheese, but that’s what you’ll be doing when you eat the Tex-Mex nachos at Tulcingo del Valle, a southern Mexican place in Hell’s Kitchen. Engagingly, these well-organized nachos lack the anarchy we expect to find in that dish. The chiles remain unsubdivided, suggesting that you eat them whole. Aji! 665 Tenth Avenue, 212-262-5510

Turk newcomer Deniz, in Ft. Greene, offers several kebab-yogurt platters, which sounds like an inoffensively mild combo. When it arrives, you’ll discover that the adana kebab — a rich mixture of ground lamb, peppers, and onions — has been deposited on a bed of buttered bread cubes, sluiced with garlicky yogurt, and finished with a mantle of thick tomato sauce. It’s an Alka Selzer moment. 662 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, 718-852-6503

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