New Pizza Style Sighted in Manhattan


New York is a city of a thousand pizza styles. We’ve got Neapolitan, Sicilian, deep-dish Chicago, franchise, neighborhood, DiFara’s, bakery-style, true Naples, pasta-covered slices, coal oven, wood oven, brick oven, bagel pizzas — the list goes on and on. Now a new pizza style has been sighted, and is it good!

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Birdbath Bakery, supposedly the city’s first “green” bakery (made of recycled materials, etc.) has come up with a pizza based, not on the usual yeast- or sourdough-risen crust, but with a flaky puff pastry crust. The crust renders brittle and oily, and tastes fantastic. The pizza shown above ($5) is flooded with good mozzarella and nicely herbed, and the flavor is rich enough that one small pie is enough. A spinach and goat cheese version is also available. Two locations: 223 First Avenue, East Village, 646-722-6565; 145 Seventh Avenue, West Village, 646-722-6570