New York Mag Wag Does Anthony Weiner


By the time Anthony Weiner bailed on the idea of challenging Mike Bloomberg for his City Hall job, New York Magazine’s own ever-resilient Mark Jacobson already had enough fun bits in his notebook to make a good read on the life and loves of this self-described “scrawny dork who graduated from Plattsburgh State” — even if he’s not running for mayor at the moment.

Among the choice quotes and moments that made it into today’s 5,000-word profile:

Weiner comparing ties with Obama Interior Secretary Ken Salazar: “Hey, I got my name on my tie,” Weiner said, pulling the deep-blue garment from inside his coat. Given to him by an Annapolis grad, the tie was embossed with large gold “N.”

“See that N,” said Weiner. “It stands for Not to Be Fucked With … That’s me, Anthony Not to Be Fucked With Weiner.”

And Weiner — “long considered one of Congress’s leading horndogs” with “the ultrafabulous Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s “body woman” and traveling chief of staff… The Romeo and Juliet-esque combo of Weiner’s ardent support of Israel and Huma’s Muslim background seemed enough to chill out Gaza in five minutes.”

There’s Weiner pointing to an aide and saying “Ticktock!” when he wants to know what time it is.

And there’s the congressman talking about why Bloomberg doesn’t like him and how he “gets under Bloomberg’s skin” (he thinks it has something to do with a 2001 press conference he held poking fun at the billionaire in the midst of his first campaign because of a quote that he “makes it a rule never to go to Queens.”)

There’s also an intriguing reference by Jacobson, who seems to have spent many upclose hours in SUVs and trains with the congressman, to “the persistent rumor” that Weiner’s mentor, Senator Chuck Schumer, “had taken aside his former protege to tell him to drop out of the campaign.” You don’t hear Weiner knocking that one down.