Pate vs Dog Food: The Taste Test & Where Your Fave Top Chef is Now


A new study tested 18 volunteers on their ability to distinguish pate from other less fancy foods, like Spam and even dog food.
[LA Times]

In other (more useful) study news, Toronto researchers have confirmed that a group of chemicals used in food wrapper coatings has been found in human blood.
[Charleston Gazette]

The swine fly jumping from humans to pigs could be dangerous. Apparently, if it jumps back to humans, it could be stronger than ever.
[AP via Google]

A study called Junk Food For Babies lists baby foods that are high in saturated fat, salt and sugar, including Toddler’s Own Mini Cheese Biscuits from Heinz, which is said to have more saturated fat per gram than a McDonald’s quarter-pounder with cheese.
[Daily Mail]

The New York Times takes a look at where past Top Chef contestants are now. At least a dozen are based in New York, working at such establishments as Paloma, Centro Vinoteca and Perilla.
[NY Times]