Paterson Polls Even Worse; His Gay Marriage Bill Not Looking Good Either


Maybe the problem is they’re polling him too damn much. but Governor Paterson just set a new record, with New Yorkers who think he’s doing a good or excellent job at just 19 percent in a new Marist poll. His approval among Democrats is 22 percent. 66 percent “say he does not have what it takes to lead the state.” 67 percent think New York is on the wrong track, including 57 percent of self-identified liberals. 51 percent would prefer Eliot Spitzer as Governor, gremlins and all.

Well, at least 46 percent approve of the way he’s handling swine flu. And he’s got that gay marriage thing going for him, if it works out. The Advocate says the Paterson-approved marriage equality bill just got a new Republican backer in the assembly, Fred Thiele of Suffolk County, and with four other GOPers on board, this will make an impressive show in that chamber. But the state senate’s where the real problem lies, with a slim Democratic majority and several Democrats in opposition despite solid support among their constituents. Empire State Pride Agenda is lobbying hard, but they’ll need more than good wishes to get it turned around. Perhaps sensing an opportunity, Rudolph Giuliani gave his gay friends’ marriage a miss.