The Cool Kids Have Officially Gone Fishing


Unabashed ’88 rap obsessives Cool Kids, the two flat-out most competent and savvy young rappers currently doing hard time as objects of internet affection, have a new mixtape out: Gone Fishing, available for free download at Both Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish produce, although one gets the sense it’s mostly Chuck, and in this respect, they are their own best friends: Inglish’s beats are exactly as bass-thick, synth-wide, sample-heavy, and ambling as the duo’s throwback raps, which here are in fine form. Note the vicious internal rhyme in Mikey’s “Popcorn” couplet, “Man I toe the line a lot I’m trying to write a book ’bout/How to get vagina when you’re hanging at the cookout,” which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the cheeky and charming way craft and subject matter mingle in the songs these two write.