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The Voice looks at that other “Craigslist Killer” and his victim, Katherine Olson, slain in 2007 by a man advertising for babysitters near Minneapolis. Actually there have been a few so-called Craigslist Killers, including the one who recently murdered Julissa Brisman of Queens, and reporters Matt Snyders and Bradley Campbell have dug through the cases and the reaction of Craigslist management.

At The Smart Asset, Ward Harkavy looks at the toll of recession on the art market. At Sound of the City, Zach Baron looks at David Sedaris’ early ‘zine work (or, as he is pleased to call it, his “porn years”), and Michael D. Ayers attends the opening of The Story of CBGB. At La Daily Musto, Michael Musto’s at war with the boobs — specifically the rightwingers who have attacked him for his remarks on beauty-queen-turned-gay-marriage-spokesmodel Carrie Prejean. At Fork in the Road, Chantal Martineau tries the street food in Macau and Sarah DiGregorio scopes Mayaheul. And Press Clips condenses the morning news.


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