You Won’t See Cam’ron Coming Like the Swine Flu, Times Two


Proof that Cam’ron’s Crime Pays, despite a May 12 release date, basically remains a work in progress: “Let’s Talk About It,” a late Jadakiss-featuring addition to the record that name-checks swine flu, threatens his own producers for leaking other tracks off Crime Pays, and generally remedies a certain imbalance this LP had a month or two ago. (Let’s just say in back February, if Cam was being honest, he would’ve had to call the record Female Ejaculation Pays.) And, speaking of leaks, Cam’s now got a bunch of ’em: the full version of “Cookin’ Up,” a song called “Silky (No Homo)”–he remains a rapper who couldn’t call a song “Silky” without hitting pause–and “Where I Know You From,” on which Cam brags about how much his girl’s toe-ring cost, a brag that somehow isn’t pause-worthy. Killa?