Allegedly Good Rental Market Drives Us to Section 8 Housing


We continue to lament that, despite all the news about falling rents, there seem to be few affordable apartments available. That’s why we were so excited to learn about We Take Section 8. True, we are not eligible for the New York emergency housing program — not yet, anyway — but we figured landlords involved in such a forgiving enterprise might consider us anyway. Alas, the listings look a little sketchy. Several under “New York County,” while attractively priced, seem to be somewhere else altogether (“historical neighborhood in downtown Rochester, just one block from the Eastman Theater”). A listing for a 1BR allegedly going for $650 a month on Rutgers Street (and in the projects, apparently) says, “If your computer is wireless capable you will probably get wireless internet” and “No DSS, Social Services, Section 8, etc.” Hmm. While we’re waiting for Christine Quinn to score us a discount apartment out of moribund luxury housing, here’s a $1,475 studio, shown by an evidently depressed realtor (“Hmmm, they’re doing some painting or something, but that’s what we got so far… fourteen — um, fourteen-something… you’re have to forgive me, I’m a little out of energy this morning… you should really check out some of the video I have of the apartments in the Bronx, it’s not that far from Manhattan”).