Booze News–Bakon Vodka Is Here; $10K A Month to Wine Twitter


A new Dutch study says that drinking up to half a glass of wine per day can help you live up to five years longer–if you’re a man. More than half a glass and life expectancy starts to drop off again.
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Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma County is offering a $10,000-per-month gig to a wine-tasting Twitterer. The job involves tasting and tweeting, and the winning candidate will be selected based on a short video submission.

Black Rock Spirits has launched a bacon vodka, based on the concept of “meat and potatoes.” Bakon Vodka’s slogan of “Pure. Refreshing. Bacon” will be seen in Northwestern states, where the product is available. Broader distribution is planned.
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Yankee Stadium not only has to compete with Citi Field for its selection of snacks, but is also lacking in beer options. Mets fans, however, have access to Brooklyn Brewery beers.
[NY Times]

A vineyard has been planted in London for the first time since the middle ages. Forty Hall Organic Farm has a new 15-acre commercial vineyard, which is expected to produce wine for sale in a few years.
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