Gavin McInnes Gets Knocked the Fuck Out


A week or so ago, Vice founder and all around hilarious guy Gavin McInnes posted a challenge on his blog. To wit:

    My training has finally got to the point where I can take anyone in the entire world. Therefore, I challenge you world, to a fight. Now, this doesn’t mean you can pop me in the face when I’m taking my kids for a walk. Nor does it mean I will meet you down an alleyway at 4 in the morning. What it means is, I will meet you in the ring of your choice and fight you for at least 10 rounds with a certified ref present so we don’t die. I don’t care how many wins you’ve had or what your weight class is or any of that shit. I don’t even care if you are a professional fighter. I will fight anyone in America and I’ll fly down to the city of your choice on my own dime. Please send brief submissions to the email address listed in “contact” on the homepage (don’t know how to list it without being spammed). Pics would be nice but again, I don’t care.

After reviewing applications sent in by everyone “from a vegan in Britain to the MMA murderer who sings for Oxbow,” McInnes settled on a character from his past named Meathead Eric, vowing to fly to San Francisco, where he would quickly make short work of his old friend. Except what actually happened, as detailed in a post put up today and titled I GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!, was that McInnes got knocked the fuck out. In about 40 seconds. It turns out being a tough tattooed drunk is no substitute for actually knowing how to fight:

    Apparently I cannot beat the living shit out of anyone in the world. In fact, if the guy is much bigger than me and knows what he’s doing, I’d be very lucky to get one punch in before the whole world turns to black.

Which is pretty much how it went down. Video and commentary at Street Carnage, where the whole thing takes place to the sound of System of a Down’s “Boom,” and is over just as fast.