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Get Your Tony Nominations And Cry


This is my big day–when the announcement of the Tony nominations sends an insular yet powerful world of Broadway thesps and businesspeople shrieking into the street with either glee or despair! And they’re not acting!

This year’s batch of honorees is a distinguished bunch led by the Billy Elliot gang, but I have to say there are some glaring omissions, notably The Seagull, which revolutionized Chekhov but got not a single nomination, and [title of show], which was easily the best musical of the year, but only got one tiny little nod for “book”. The moral? Don’t open a show early in the year. The committee can’t remember that far back!

I’m also surprised that the astounding set for Desire Under The Elms wasn’t recognized! Are the Tonys mad that it didn’t have any elms? And where are that cute Aaron Tveit from Next To Normal and the expert Bill Irwin and Nathan Lane from Waiting For Godot? Oh, well. Let’s cool our drama-queen jets for a second and congratulate the people that are nominees. There are plenty of fine talents in there, doing superb work. In fact, they are simply faaaabulous dahling! But Rock of Ages?