Last Weekend’s Hot Dog Hootenanny–Can You Identify These Franks?


Seven sorts of franks were offered for tasting, can you identify them and their point of origin? (click to examine more closely)

Last Sunday a Hot Dog Hootenanny was held at Astor Center, sponsored by Bruce Kraig, the author of Hot Dog: A World History, offered a hot dog tasting and explication of the culinary context of each tube steak. They look rather Zen, marshalled on the wood tray, don’t they?

hot dogs identified, after the jump

Left to right:

1. Thumann’s Natural Casing Frankfurter. Carlstadt, NJ – a beef-pork frank, the kind used at Crif Dogs

2. Hofmann Natural Casing German Brand. Syracuse, NY – beef, pork, and veal, a little sweeter than most

3. Hofmann Natural Casing Snappy Griller. Syracuse, NY – beef, pork, and veal

4. Usingers Wiener – Milwaukee, WI – beef and pork, hickory smoked, said to have been made by elves

5. Oscar Mayer Wiener – Madison, WI — beef, pork, and chicken, world’s best selling frank

6. Carolina Packers Skinless Red Hot – Smithfield, NC, all pork, livid red color caused by artificial coloring

7. Koegel’s Pickled Red Hot – Flint, MI, beef and pork, flecked with red pepper and pickled in vinegar