New Book: Caroline Kennedy Expected “Automatic” Appointment; Ted Drinks


Vanity Fair has published excerpts of another damn Kennedy book, Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died. Of special interest to us are the sections involving former Senatorial hopeful Caroline Kennedy. “She had expected that the appointment would automatically be hers,” writes Edward Klein — not just because the seat had been “uncle Robert’s,” but also because “she is a constitutional scholar who has helped secure funding for the New York City school system –” as Wayne Barrett has shown, a perhaps exaggerated claim — and “that she’s acted as an adviser to her uncle, and that she’s a star of the Democratic Party.” Her daughter Rose allegedly told her, “Mom, you are above this,” presumably meaning the debasing effort of campaigning for a political appointment. “After that conversation,” Klein adds, “she wouldn’t have taken the job if Paterson had come begging on his hands and knees,” which you have to admit is an amusing image. Klein also says that Ted started drinking again after his brain tumor diagnosis. Hey, that was uplifting. To restore your faith in American political families, go here — oops, bad link. Well, read a book about the Adamses then; at least this used to be a great country.