What Happens When You Entrust Your Anti-Gay Movement to a Beauty Queen


When last we left failed Miss USA candidate Carrie Prejean, she was revving up the conservative base with her anti-gay marriage ministry. She even agreed to appear in an ad supporting “traditional marriage” (i.e., no homosexuals allowed). Then Prejean’s topless model shot was revealed — extremely tame stuff, as it turns out, but not good for her new, fundamentalist-friendly image. Her people warned news outlets not to show the photo because Prejean was only 17 when she took it, which scared a few vendors into withholding the photo, but also made it look like something her handlers were desperate to hide. Worse, it causes her supporters at highbrow conservative magazines like The American Spectator to embarrass themselves by getting involved with what is essentially a tabloid scandal. (BTW, the Spectator doesn’t believe Prejean was a minor when she took the photo — we’ll have to wait till next week to find out David Brooks’ thoughts on the subject.)

Meanwhile rightbloggers, who apparently cannot be embarrassed by anything, regard the mockery Prejean has suffered as a hit job by radical queers out to gay-marry us all (“Campaign to destroy Miss California escalates”). Robert Stacy McCain actually invokes Chappaquiddick. Flopping Aces says, “May I remind you of the ‘racy’ photos of Obama before he ran for president,” then shows pictures of Obama at the beach. All agree that no one would be laughing at an anti-gay beauty queen caught with her shirt off and her fake breasts exposed if it weren’t for the homosexual agenda.

We understand why our rightwing brethren thought that getting a purty gal to represent their views would make them look purty as well. But they should have taken a peek under the wrapping before they took home the box. Didn’t Sarah Palin teach them that much?