Why Do Gay Guys Look Like Their Boyfriends?


This may be a gross stereotype, but more often than not, I’ve had friends introduce me to their boyfriends and become aghast at the fact that they look like identical twins! Surely this phenomenon is done via some kind of split-screen special effect, because what I’m loooking at in these cases is like some early Lindsay Lohan movie with Linds in a dual role. If my friend is wide and steroidy, the boyfriend will be a brick shithouse too. If my pal is scrawny, with wayward facial hair and a tweaked nose, the beau will be a mirror image of the same.

But why is this? Are gays so narcissistic that they can only love a replica of themselves? Do they only cruise their clones or do they become more similar through time, via osmosis? Or maybe they just meet at places–the gym, the theater, Weight Watchers–where similar physical types happen to congregate.

I can”t figure it out, but at least lesbians don’t seem to care as much about finding their own form recreated in their partner. Many times, I’ve seen a slinky lipstick lesbian toting around a flannel-shirted diesel, and they are truly hot for each other. Opposites attract, after all–and that’s my only hope to find the swarthy stud of my dreams.

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