Yankee Stadium Staff Announce Rainout, Refuse Entry When Game Resumes


Yankee fans who decided to cool their heels outside the House that Taxpayer Dollars Built during a long rain delay got an unpleasant surprise when they tried to get back in: the stadium personnel wouldn’t let them. The park has a firm no-readmittance policy, but several ticket-holders claim they were told by stadium employees that the game had been rained out. Those lucky enough to try Gate 4 were able to avail a few minutes of confusion and gain reentry, but the others were shut out. Cops moved in and in fracas that ensued would-be spectator Roseanna Franco, 25, was arrested for assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest; a Daily News photographer who took pictures of the scene was menaced by stadium security.

“Sometimes common sense needs to intervene,” comments It’s About The Money, Stupid. “Couldn’t someone in a position of authority have the presence of mind to say: “The team sure could use these fans IN the Stadium”? Guess not… I can’t wait to fork over some hard-earned money to go get treated like crap.”

On the bright side, the Yankees lost 6-4 to the Red Sox. “Those who left missed out on a real nail-biter that came down to the very last pitch,” reports Sports of Boston. “We turned in to last night’s BoSox/Yankees matchup,” says Ballpark Digest, “and saw a familiar scene: lots of empty seats in the front rows.” Photo (cc) affiliate.