BPM Magazine Folds


Friend-of-SOTC Dennis Romero reports that BPM magazine is shutting down after a 13-year-run of dance-music coverage that struggled to adapt and evolve without abandoning its roots altogether. Romero, a former news editor and contributor there, offers some context:

In recent years, BPM followed dance music’s new generation away from the core superclubs. The likes of Steve Aoki graced the cover, and the nu electro cool kids ruled the roost. It’s hipper-than-thou parties seemed geared more towards paparazzi (Paris Hilton was a guest) than dance music fans. I’m not sure if this was its downfall, or if it simply was a victim of falling print advertising and a bad economy – a common ailment for mags across the land (see Portfolio).

Throw it on the fuckin’ pile. Avast.