Fox News Sticks up for the Voice!?


We tried to warn you about Janet Napolitano.

Yesterday, her Department of Homeland Security was backpedaling after a gaffe so stupid FOX NEWS found itself defending the Village Voice.

Yeah, think about that one for a minute.

Some idiots who work for Napolitano apparently thought it would be a good idea to produce a dictionary of terms to help them in their search of domestic terrorists.

Hey, we think it’s not a bad idea for the government to be on the lookout for Nazi skinheads or the next Timothy McVeigh. But the Nixonian list of enemies this list covered was so broad, it even included an entry for “alternative media,” right next to “anarchist extremism!”


As pointed out, “The top of the document also defines ‘alternative media’ as something sinister — though the term is commonly used to describe blogs and popular publications like New York’s Village Voice.”

Damn right. And thanks for the nod, Murdoch minions.

Realizing how stupid the list was, Homeland Security “recalled” it within hours, Fox reports.

The list was prepared by the same dunderheads who had earlier said publicly that returning war vets were susceptible to being recruited by right-wing terror groups, and you can imagine how popular that was with veterans organizations.

But take it from someone who knows Napolitano from waaaay back. What’s even worse than these gaffes, which involve her department talking tough about cracking down on extremism and domestic threats, is that when she actually had the chance to DO something about a legitimate problem — a prevaricating Arizona sheriff who has his jail guards maim innocent-until-proven guilty prisoners as a public relations ploy — she laid down and did nothing. (And then lied about it.)

I know. I was there. Photo (cc) Unlisted Sightings.