I Defended Carrie Prejean On TV Last Night!


I said she shouldn’t be dethroned as Miss California. First of all, the pageant paid for her implants. Would it not be the height of weirdness to penalize her for having taken a semi-nude shot? Also, Vanessa Williams‘s Miss America tiara was famously ripped off, and she showed them all by becoming a gigantic star in all media. Doing the same to Prejean might only help her career.

But mainly, I critiqued the young lady again for her bigoted views on gay marriage. In fact, I called her a ding-dong and a hypocrite (while admitting that it’s a free country and she has a right to speak her views, as do her outraged opponents). This was on HNN’s lively Issues With Jane Velez. If you disagree with me, fine–just don’t take away my queen title.