Real Dives–Joe’s Bar in the East Village


Real Dives: In which we recommend authentically divey dive bars. A real dive bar (not an ironic dive bar) may be characterized by low prices, clientele over 60, trucker hats only on actual truckers, a long history, lotto, lack of ironic PBR, and a sense that it is not trying to impress you, or anyone else.

Today’s dive: Joe’s Bar

Clientele: Old men in tee-shirts playing pool; young, skinny guys from Cleveland; a dude who looked a little like a lady sporting tattoos and a cowboy hat.

On the walls: An American flag, several taxidermied deer heads, pool trophies, Oberto beef sticks on sale behind the bar, Red Sox-Yankees on the television.

On the sound system: Various good things like Los Lobos and various bad things like generic sad indie bar rock.

On tap: McSorley’s Pilsner Urquell, PBR

What to drink: $4 beers, $5 Jamesons

Overheard: “He’s going to beat my ass next time we go out to a bar.”
“I swear, I clock out, and she’s just standing there, staring at me.”

520 East Sixth Street, 212-473-9093


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