Rick Ross Paints Portraits


Rick Ross on his Columbia sojourn with The-Dream, where the two went to shoot the video for “All I Really Want,” presented without further comment. Alright, one comment: The way this man says the word “hills” is a beautiful thing.

    “We all board the plane, go to Medellin, you feel me? We touch down…. Within the first five minutes, I decided this had to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in my life. Talkin’ bout the views. We up in the clouds! We 40,000 feet in the clouds, coming down trails, overlooking the most beautiful hills. You already know, man. We got to to the video location, the mansion, and the sky, infinity swimming pool overlooking–it looked like ancient Rome.”

Rick Ross Lied Outrageously To Shoot ‘All I Really Want’ In Colombia [MTV]