Still Waiting on That MTA Vote; Debate Starts Tonight


PolitickerNY points us to the heretofore unseen state senate bill that’s supposed to rescue the MTA. It is very long and we are very slow; the first 10 or 20 pages seem to be about how the new revenues get classified and banked; we’ll try to read the rest on the train. We do notice that the word “Verrazano” doesn’t appear in it, so maybe they won’t raise that toll after all. Also, the payroll tax (and tax on self-employed people — ha! Thought we wouldn’t notice!) is thirty-four hundredths of a percent, and the expected taxi surcharge and car rental tax are in there. too.

The Associated Press finds the Man in the Street unenthused about the plan (“It’s something you have to adapt to, you know what I’m saying?”), and no one else seems to like it either — Mayor Bloomberg says, “it’s not everything that we would want and I’m not thrilled about the idea of a surcharge on taxis,” etc. (Refresh our memories again: why is this guy so indispensable we had to overthrow term limits to keep him?)

Ah well. At least the bastards have to stay up late tonight. Photo (cc) Scallega.