Times Saves Globe, Murdoch Mulls Charging for Online Papers


The New York Times‘ financial troubles have been widely reported, especially by the fun-loving guys and gals at the New York Post, who avail a “Pinch-o-Meter” to track the degree of woefulness suffered by the paper and its publisher. But the Times had a rare piece of decent news today: they got concessions from unions at the Boston Globe, one of their holdings, and will be able to keep that paper going a while. And there is some, well, interesting news at the Post, too: they‘re thinking about charging money for online content all across Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp properties. One of their ideas: “creating a user-friendly device akin to Amazon’s Kindle to deliver content from such News Corp. newspapers as The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London and The New York Post.” Of course the Times is looking at similar plans — or, as the Post put it in February, “Times May Revive Its Failed Pay-For-Web Experiment.” In the current report, the Post acknowledges a general “newspaper climate ravaged by reader and advertiser flight to the Web,” which for them is a refreshing change of tone.