Under Review–Sietsema Gets Fishy at Sol-Mar; DiGregorio Goes Ramen-Crazy at ZuZu Ramen


This week in the Voice, Our Man Sietsema gets his fish on at Sol-Mar, while Sarah DiGregorio follows the ramen craze to Brooklyn at ZuZu Ramen.

Bruni enjoys some “lovely fish” at Fishtail by David Burke, but is most impressed by the cauliflower.
[NY Times]

Adam Platt has “expertly crisped” whole branzino and other lively entrees in an Austin Powers yacht-like setting at Harbour.
[NY Magazine]

Restaurant Girl loves the Maine mussels at “nautical-chic” Harbour, but wonders, “What’s with all the foam?”
[NY Daily News]

Time Out pays a visit to Armani/Risorante 5th Avenue where the all-male waitstaff are as “efficient (and charmless) as the sales assistants manning the fitting rooms” in the store downstairs.

Alan Richman drops in in Celeste, a “not exactly great, but… wonderful trattoria,” with “simple and exceedingly satisfying” pastas.
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