A Final Word on Macau–This Is What African Chicken Should Taste Like


New York has what is probably the only Macanese restaurant in the country now that Macau Street in LA has shuttered. Reviews of the food at Macao Trading Co. have been varied, to say the least, largely because few people have a point of reference for what good Macanese should taste like.

We recently visited Macau to do a bit of recon and have been posting our findings over the past week. Today, for our last post on Macau, we bring you the small island’s iconic dish: African Chicken. While Macao Trading Co.’s version of the dish tastes like “chicken with hot sauce poured on it,” according to a New York food critic speaking candidly over drinks recently, the version we tasted was a perfect combination of sweet, savory and spicy in a chicken so tender even the white meat could have been mistaken for dark. Sure, it looks like a big ol’ oil-leaking mess, but it’s easily one of the best finger-licking chicken dishes we’ve tasted. The chicken is baked in a sauce of onions, garlic, chili peppers, fresh herbs, coconut, white wine and more than a touch of butter, and has already been marinading in most of the ingredients overnight. This one is from Cafe Litoral, a family restaurant in Taipa that, aside from a grandmother or two, can plausibly boast the best version of the dish on the island.