Let’s Boycott All Sequels!


With very rare exceptions, sequels aren’t green-lighted because there’s a burning need to creatively extend the story of the first film. They’re done because the first one made a big heap of cash and they want to rake in more of it!

As a result, I generally avoid sequels, prequels, and so on like the plague, feeling they tend to be rote, contrived, and utterly avoidable. (And again, I know there are exceptions. Spare me the moans of “Francis the Talking Mule 9 actually was better than the first eight ones combined.”)

So let’s all get together and do something about this oppressive situation. Let’s stop the onslaught of sequels, which stink up every summer with crass commercialism and pesky pandering. Let’s boycott Wolverine, Star Trek, Terminator, and every new Harry Potter and Spiderman they try to foist down our throats. If the first one was so damned rewarding for you, then just take another look at it! Let’s not encourage watered-down versions of the same, made to cash in on a built-in audience of androids. They’re deja vu all over again!